An old wiser farmer once told me “spring won’t start until the snow has touched the daffodils and the later the snow touches the daffodils the better summer we’ll have”.  Something like that anyway he came out with a lot of sayings. But if you look at the recent weather we’re all experiencing there may be some truth to that.

Usually by now we have started grass cutting and with the lighter days the sun has been making its impression on the ground; grass growing, bulbs showing, daffodils in full bloom oh and becoming drier, but this year we’ve not touched a mower or seen daffodils to mow around them and it’s certainly not been dry.

It is an unusually late start to the season this year, the snow has certainly touched what daffodils have been poking their heads out of the ground and the lateness of the snow could mean a good summer.  Or is everything how it should be and due to the mild winters we’ve been having for years we’ve just got used to spring starting just after Christmas and bedding plants for sale in B&Q from Jan 1st.

One things for sure, after all this weather we’ve had, instead of Ned Starky saying “Winters coming” how about Alex West saying “Springs coming” so get your mowers dusted off, spark plugs checked , petrol cans full and shears sharpened as its going to start with an intense growing period or bang!

For those who need help with their garden or grounds maintenance we can help; our mowers are all ready, 2 stroke mixed, shears sharpened, strimmers fettled and staff keen to brush of the winter cobwebs ready for the gardeners tan lines.